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VOL 3 - NO 3, March 2011


John L. Ratcliff, III

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Brief phone call was received in January at Academy from OUR STATE magazine concerning article soon to be published concerning a recipe from Hebron Methodist Church cookbook. No names were given. A letter was received from Miss Opal Menius concerning this. Most had never heard of Miss Menius. Some did remember her well. Things can take strange turns. During February, donated items of Kathleen Harris White and Cora Myers Guthrie contain numbers of items concerning Miss Menius. Article was published in March issue of OUR STATE. Several emails were received concerning this article. One from person whom had visited Miss Menius in Florida. Small world after all.


Below is a transcript of Miss Menius’ letter:

Jan 27, 2011


Dear Pantego Academy assoc.


Dear Members:

I was the first grade teacher in the lower left room of ye old academy from 1936-38 . Recently one of my former first graders sent me a copy of your newsletter. I am sorry I did not know of you sooner. I could have provided the story you needed for Christmas newsletter. I told one to my church group this last year and it was warmly received. It had to do with a Pantego first grader.

You are probably familiar with OUR STATE (down home in North Carolina) magazine. The editors are presently running a series on cookbooks. I sent them one from long ago Methodist Church in Pantego and they seem to be featuring a bit about my teaching in the academy along with the cookbook.

I don’t know what is being said but you might want to take a look at their March issue.

Let me know if I can be of service to you.


Opal Menius


Thank you! Miss Menius for thinking of us. This is most thoughtful of you. Several of your former Academy students have read your letter and article and expressed fond memories of being in your class. I am sure your teaching career influenced not only these Academy students but many others. Again thank you!


March fundraiser was a huge success! Thanks to all which contributed to success.


Sorry, Academy Columns is short this time. Time just caught up with me.