Pantego Historical Museum

Tribute to Mr. Joseph A. Windley


Some men are born to greatness; some acquire greatness; some aspire to greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.  Mr. windley does not fit the mold of either of these categories.  The young who have not yet been called upon to make decisions which effect the lives of others would call him afraid, but I call him humble.  Some of his peers who will never appreciate his spiritual, social, moral, and intellectual values say he is evasive, but I call him discreet.  A few others lost somewhere in the middle say he interferes, but I say he is concerned.  Still others call him slow to act, indecisive, but I call him patient.


This gentle man possesses humility, patience, respect, understnading and love.  Blooms from the happy heart's garden.  Plucked in the spirit of love; Blooms that are (only) earthly reflection of (those) flowers that blossom above.  Words cannot tell what a measure of blessing such gifts will allow to dwell in the lives of so many.  And Mr. Windley, we give you one of your flowers now!


These words were found on note cards given in his honor.  Those of us who knew him were richly blessed.